Introducing Kale Collective

10th September 2021

Bello London,

Today we had our first day in the office, marking the official beginnings of Kale Collective!

The team in our new office

Who are we?

We’re Soonmyeong, Esben and Nicolas. We first met as students at UCL back in 2012, and have since worked in the worlds of data consultancy, machine learning, cognitive science, human-computer interaction and urban mobility.

What we do

We care about intelligent, data-driven solutions for solving important issues around us. We believe in creative, interdisciplinary, and systems-level approaches to innovation.

Our mission

Designing sustainable and resilient cities is key to face the climate crisis. Our initial focus is on urban deliveries and freight journeys, who have seen a considerable boom during the pandemic. We’ll be sure to write more about this in future blog posts :)

Winning the London Mayor’s Challenge

In June, we participated in the Mayor of London’s Resilience Fund, a challenge fund calling on innovators to address key challenges facing London.

We took part in the Smart Mobility Project in partnership with King’s College London and Better Bankside, a Business Improvement District in Southwark.

As one of the 4 of the teams selected to compete, we were excited to come home with the prize.

During the first phase of this project, we started developing DynamicLink, a platform that helps small to mid-sized van-fleet owners understand and manage their freight operations, offering strategic actions to reduce their van mileage and environmental impact.

What’s next?

Building upon DynamicLink, we will continue exploring impactful solutions to reduce the number of van miles driven in London during the next months.

We’re particularly excited to develop tools to facilitate the consolidation of trips in dense urban areas, and technology to encourage optimal use of cargo bike logistics.

We look forward to our continued partnerships with King’s and Better Bankside in the next couple of months, and diving deeper into the logistical needs of businesses across London.

See you soon!